Tim Hudak Promises Jobs

Tim Hudak Promises Jobs

While touring the site of a Losani Homes project in Beamsville on Sept. 27, MPP Tim Hudak, leader of the provincial Conservative party, said his party has a realistic plan to encourage job growth and restore the economy.

"We still have not recovered to our 2008 level of home sales in Niagara, and that is almost unique in Ontario," he said. "The reason for that is there are not enough jobs."

Hudak said 18,000 Niagara residents are currently out of work, and many more are struggling to make ends meet with temporary or part-time work.

"We have a Premier, that, yesterday, when asked to see her jobs plan, she said 'Ask me in six months.' We don't have six months to wait," he said. "I have a plan for jobs, and I'm ready to get going."

Hudak said his party has developed a multi-pronged plan to improve the economy and thereby create more jobs.

"We're going to bring taxes down so businesses can hire more people. We're going to bring electricity rates under control by stopping the enforced wind turbines in west Niagara and across the province," he said. "We're going to do more in the skilled trades, so we can fill manufacturing jobs which I'm confident will bounce back under our plan."

Fred Losani, of Losani Homes, said he was in support of Hudak's plans for job creation.

"We see job creation as the single biggest factor as to what the health of the housing industry in the region is," he said.

Losani said a healthy home build market in turns means more local construction, financial and industrial jobs to support housing sales.

"There isn't anything offshore in what we do. It's the one product in Canada where not only is everything made in the country, it's made in that region where you are building."