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Having trouble picturing exactly what you want in your new Losani Home? Tour our Design Centre and familiarize yourself with all the samples prior to your design appointment. Our dedicated design team will be in touch and walk you through the process of making your home exactly how you want it. A tour of our Design Centre is a great jump off point towards building the home of your dreams.

Top 10 Tips:
Preparing for your appointment

A good place to start is deciding what design style you like best. Look to gather inspiration from dècor magazines, Pinterest, or other websites.

Take a tour of some of our model homes. There are lots to choose from in many different locations. You can see them all in our gallery at losanihomes.com. Being able to see the many different types of flooring, cabinetry, and bathroom fixtures will give you a good idea of what you can expect to find at the Design Centre.

We recommend that you visit our Design Centre during weekends often before your scheduled appointment. Our staff can help familiarize you with the design process and you can browse through all of the products and finishes that Losani has to offer. Take note of your favourites for future consultations to aid in completing your colour chart.

Take your current and future lifestyle into consideration. Are there particular features that are a necessity for you or your family? Our design consultants focus on key design elements to ensure that your new home is the perfect fit.

Make a prioritized list of things you need and want. If you only have the budget for a few optional extras now, choose the features that would be more difficult to redo later. Try to get the big jobs done while your house is being built so you don't have to worry about it at a later date.

Keep your budget it mind, but be realistic about future projects. Life gets busy and you may not have time to dedicate to home optional extras in the future. If there's a particular feature that you really like, consider taking care of the installation now rather than waiting months, or years, for a convenient time to get it done.

If you have to choose between features or finishes that you really love, choose the ones that will be best suited for your everyday lifestyle. For most new home buyers, this includes optional extras to the kitchen and bathrooms.

Losani has a wide selection of brand name finishes from decorative mouldings, to fireplaces, to wood staircases that can help give your home that personal touch. Consider adding some of these options to your selections.

Make sure you're 100% satisfied and have a clear understanding of your home selections before you sign off on your selections. Many items for your house such as windows and doors are ordered shortly after your appointment long before construction even begins to make sure the home is completed on time. Changing selections after your home has started is not always possible due to delays it causes and its impact on your closing date.

Make sure that you mark your Design Centre appointment down in your calendar and arrive on time for your consultation. Purchasers are advised that scheduled appointments require a minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice. Remember that our first priority is to meet your closing date. If you cancel your appointment many changes may not be possible due to the constraints of the production schedule and the lead time required for some items.

asked questions

Can I preview selections of included features and optional extras prior to my appointment?

Yes! We encourage all customers to visit the Design Centre by booking an appointment before hand. Familiarize yourself with the samples you will be choosing from and to be fully prepared for your appointment. Appointments at this time are in hour long increments on weekends.

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I am not closing on my new home for several months. Am I able to make changes to my selections after I have completed my appointments?

We discourage customers from making late requests as they typically affect our ability to meet the closing date. Our ability to accommodate late changes depends primarily on your stage of production. They require approval from management and may be subject to an administrative fee of up to $500.00 depending on how the request affects your production schedule. You may also be required to change your closing date.

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Can I request a hardwood, tile or other product upgrade that is not in the Design Centre?

All selections must be made from products that are currently displayed in our show room. No alternate products may be purchased regardless of manufacturer.

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Am I able to gain access to my new home while under construction to complete work on my own?

Due to safety concerns we are not able to permit homeowners access to their homes before closing, nor can we leave any items unfinished. Any optional extras not purchased through the Design Centre must be completed after you take possession of your home.

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How long are appointments?

The length of your appointment largely depends on you. Your preparation can dramatically reduce the time required to complete your appointment(s). However, as a general rule of thumb, each customer is allotted 2 hours to complete each of their appointments. With townhomes and semis, one 2 hour appointment to finalize all selections will be allotted. We encourage customers to become aware of all of their options by visiting our Design Centre on weekends so they are familiar with what's available to them, and can get an idea of any optional extras they would like to make. This makes the entire process much more efficient.

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What do I do if I need specific appliance opening measurements?

Losani does offer standard appliance openings that will be provided at your structural appointment, however if you require customization of some or all of your appliance openings, we ask that you bring the manufacturer's specifications with you to your first appointment.

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