How Pronto Works

Losani Pronto Homes on Demand Smart & Easy Too!

Get the home you want; when you want it. With Losani's Pronto Homes On Demand, you can see what you're buying, walk through and get a feel for the home and, of course, move in faster. You'll enjoy brand new highest quality construction, often with the chance to customize and choose colours and, of course, the security of a Tarion Warranty. It's simply a better way of building and a smarter way of buying. Now that's easy to get into!

  1. Search by location, price range, type of home or move-in timeframe.
  2. Find your perfect Pronto Home!
  3. Call the Sales Office to book an appointment with the Sales Representative. Or, if you prefer, simply drop in during business hours shown on the web site.
  4. Talk to the Sales Representative who will answer any of your questions.
  5. Once you're ready, your Sales Representative will prepare an Agreement of Purchase and Sale for you.
  6. Visit the Losani Design Centre and choose the finishes for your home (if applicable).
  7. Move in and enjoy your new home!

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